DAISO MAT will dramatically reduce your make-ready process, which causes the halt of the die-cutting operation. DAISO MAT is made of special resin film and stainless plate, which absorbs extra pressure and keeps cutting balance even. DAISO MAT protects cutting knives’ life-cycle and reduces paper-dusts. Best product for time-saving and productivity improvement in the make-ready process.


Available at :

Thickness x width x length :

0, 5 x 720 x 1020 mm

0, 5 x 740 x 1060 mm

0, 5 x 930 x 1300 mm


0754 206 206
0215 999 999
Metav Business Center/corp H1, Str. Biharia, 67-77, sec. 1 Bucuresti/Romania

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