G-TAPE is a Japanese creasing matrix, which prevents crease cracking in die-cutting after printing process. G-TAPE requires no special skills to use; it can be attached with a simple action. After passing hundreds of thousands of die cutting tests, G-TAPE becomes the most popular creasing matrix in Japan (over 600 companies in eastern Japan and over 400 companies in western Japan). G-TAPE works well in 200,000 to 300,000 shots in normal use or in 500,000 consecutive shots without changing settings. In addition to our standard models, we are open to special orders. We also focus on global market.



[Guide] What is an olefin elastomer (thermoplastic elastomer)?
Olefinic elastomer is a thermoplastic resin, the polypropylene where ethylene – propylene rubber (EPDM and EPM) are dispersed. This elastomer is a unique synthetic resin with the same characteristics as rubber and can be processed just like a regular plastic under the normal temperature. This material is now widely applied to our daily commodities like automobile parts.
[Tape body] What is vulcanized fiber?
Vulcanized fibre is a material manufactured by gelatinizing several plies of high purity cellulose papers. It has extremely high internal bond strength, and mechanically excellent punching, forming, machining and many other unique properties.


We provide 146 types of G-TAPE to meet customers’ requests. We also produce custom-sizes. Feel free to contact us.



  1. 1.Cut G-TAPE in proper length to fit creasing rules. G-Cutter makes your job easy and efficient.
  2. 2. Install G-TAPE by inserting creasing rule into G-TAPE guide.
  3. 3. Remove Peel-off-paper on G-TAPE
  4. 4. Press one time to transfer G-TAPE onto a cutting plate and press firmly. Remove a guide from G-TAPE so that you can see creasing matrix, a scoring line on a cutting plate.
  1. 5. Ready to go! You can press 200,000 to 300,000 times in normal use or continue pressing 500,000 times without changing settings.


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